The 10 Most Popular Pet Products for Dropshipping in 2020

The 10 Most Popular Pet Products for Dropshipping in 2020

With millions of pet owners around the world, pets products are one of the most popular niches to start dropshipping and continue to increase tremendously.

You’ll be able to sell everything which keep furry friends happy and healthy such as biting toys or cat litter mats.

In this article, we’re going to point out top 10 best pet products to sell in 2020.

Is the time right for pet products?

The answer is YES.

According to Criteo, the niche has been increasing enormously in US, with the following top category performers.

  • Cat Food (+401%),
  • Cat Supplies (+204%)
  • Small Animal Supplies (+175%)
Pet Products Stats in Covid-19

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that within the year, $75.38 billion will be spent on pets in the United States only.

IBISWorld reports industry revenue accrued at an annualized rate of 4.3% to $21.1 billion over the last five years with 4.0% growth within 2019.

Pet Products Global Growth
Data via Global Market Insights and Statista

Have you imagined that if we strike to the pet products niche, how much profits you can earn 🤑?

How to drop shipping pet products?

If you’re going to dropship pet supplies, it’s essential to choose competitive products .

The pet supplies market is quite stable but saturated, so you need something that’s going to make you different from other sellers.

Ideally, you’ll have to identify a new trend or the latest twist on an old favourite in order to carve out your own little segment of the market.

Alright, here are the top 10 pet product in demand you can consider to get started now.

Best Pet Products to Sell in 2020

1️⃣ Pet Bed

Pet Bed

The pet bed was very popular in 2019 and in 2020 we expect to see its popularity continue to rise with international sales.

There are many different beds in design, material, and size. Therefore, you can offer your customers many options to choose from.

 It can bring a comfortable feeling for our furry friends. Therefore, the search term “pet bed” is popular and seems to be steady.

To promote this product, you had better connect people, who are 18-60 years olds in Australia, the United States, and Canada with high search volume.

Instagram is one of the best platforms for you to partner with those people.

2️⃣ Chewing/Biting Toys

Chewing Biting Toys

The toy has a suction end so pet owners are able to place it on the floor while their dog tries to pull it away. Its function does not only help dogs entertaining but also strengthen teeth.

The popularity of biting toys is still in the early phases, so it’ll be easy for you to jump on this trend.

You should run search term “dog toys” as your main keywords and “dog biting toys”, “dog chew toys” as sub keywords. Google ads or Google Shopping ads may work effectively for this product.

3️⃣ Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

The type of product allows pets owners to brush or cut hair of pets at home instead of taking them to a professional. This way can help them save a lot of money.

Searches for “pet grooming” have been steadily increasing showing the popularity of this category, which is mostly a search-based buy.

To attract those who are searching for these products, you can run Google Shopping ads to showcase your pet grooming products.

4️⃣ Pet Jacket

Winter Pets Jacket

The winter is coming. Although, pets have fur to keep them warm, they still get cold in the winter.

For this reason, pet owners are searching winter coats and vests for their pets. However, you don’t need to limit the cold weather jacket. You can consider many other types of jackets.

To appeal pet owners for this product, you’ll likely start in October of 2020 as peak season for dog jackets is November and December according to Google Trends.

You should use Google Shopping to help in displaying ads with term “dog jackets”, “pet clothes”, “pet costumes”.

5️⃣ Cat Litter Mat

Cat Litter Mat

Litter mats are designed to trap small pieces of litter that naturally track out of the box on your cat’s paws.

The term “cat litter” has been skyrocketing in search volume recently, according to Google Trends. You can start Google Ads related to “cat litter” and “cat litter mat” keywords to help entice people to buy your product. 

6️⃣ Pet Collar

Pet Collar

We already know how popular personalized products are. Hence, there is no reason to make the personalized pet collar out of the pitch.

While pet collars are typically search-based products, the personalized element makes them a bit more of an impulse buy.

To sell pet products, you can run Facebook and Instagram ads and target people who are fans of dog pages or have an interest in dogs, for example.

7️⃣ Dog Pen

Dog pen is like a crate in which you can keep your dog, and has a lot of space for your dog to move and play around in it.

According to Google Trends, the search volume of “dog pen” has been increasing recently.

To promote dog pen, you can run Google Ads for “dog pen” by creating Google Shopping ads so customers can see the product you’re selling, price point, and other key product features.

8️⃣ Dog Poop Bag

Dog Poop Bag

Only a dog owner knows the significance of this product. This product helps to pick up animal waste without making our hands dirty.

Pet poop bags are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

The worldwide trend is showing a rising demand for dog poop bags past 12 months.

You can run Google Ads to related “pet poop bag” keywords to help entice people to attract dog owners.

9️⃣ Teeth Cleaning Catnip Sticks

Teeth Cleaning Catnip Sticks

For cat owners who want to maintain their pet’s hygiene without having to brush their teeth manually, these cleaning catnip sticks may have a good role.

Similar to the catnip sugar, the catnip sticks allow you to make it easier to keep your cat healthy.

You might create a post or an ad highlighting the product on Facebook, Google Ads and Instagram. You can target people who follow pet pages or join a Facebook group to find your audience.

🔟 Pet Feeding Products

Pet Feeding Products

Pet food is another important issue for owners. There are many items for pet feeding, with automatic food dispensers becoming top picks.

To promote your pet feeding product, you can try a search-based strategy. However, you’ll want to stick to generic terms like “Pet Food Scale Spoon“, “Bowl for Slower Eating” or “Portable Water Feeder” to generate views, clicks, and sales to your website.

Sum Up

These items have good potential as long as you make sure to work only with trusted suppliers. If you don’t know how to find suppliers, you can refer to this post How To Find Trusted Chinese Suppliers For Dropshipper in 2020

When you have another potential pet products, please share with us by leaving comments!

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