During the Covid-19 quarantine period, many people have found a way to increase their income with Dropshipping. Compared to formal employment, Dropshipping gives you more time and opportunities to explore yourself. So what is the secret to a successful Dropshipping business in 2020?

1- A wide range of products

Here is the mistake most beginners make when starting their online business. 

You should know that “Things you gonna sell maybe are not all the ones gonna win”. 

And this is true for many reasons such as an older competitor can offer products of much better quality or lower cost because of their experience.

Indeed, to make sure your products meet the needs of the customer, find your niche unique one.

Find and aim for your niche market for Dropshipping

That’s why even before creating your e-commerce store, it is strongly recommended to test and plan all your offers before you even want to start investments that can ultimately be expensive. 

Besides, testing will allow you to gauge the potential interest of Internet users while confronting you psychologically to the life of a bigger career. 

Updating: How to find niche Dropshipping?

2- Dropshipping is a without-capital business?

To beginning, thinking simply, how can you build your website without a domain? And we all know, a domain is not free in a long time, right?

Besides, the truth is that having a website very design, beautiful, ultra-optimized, and perfect can require a lot of budgets — unless you have some basics in the field. 

Nevertheless, it is not because your website is beautiful that you will necessarily sell your products, even if it is the most beautiful of all the net … Simply because if nobody knows that your site exists, nobody will visit, even if your rates are ultra-competitive.

So when you want your website to spread out, money for advertising is necessary. And you, also, need to know how much is enough!

You can also read more about the definition and cost of Dropshipping here.

3- The website is just a tool.

This is also a very common mistake for the new dropshipping beginners. 

Do not overestimate the technical part of the job. You can, instead of immediately setting up your website, start a store landing page more easily on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba,…

Moreover, you can find lots of ways of getting a simple drop shipping website through WordPress or WooCommerce.

But be aware that the most important thing is to look for ways to add value to your project, but also to support your product catalog and customer service.

Indeed, if your catalog and customer service don’t allow you to make the difference with others, your dropshipping business will not allow you to find customers.

The website is just a tool for your dropshipping plan.

It is essential to focus on SEO and search for reliable suppliers to buy your products at a low price to have an interesting margin, but especially to find the future winning dropshipping products.

4- More budget, more income?

This’s maybe right and wrong.

First, don’t get too low on your budget because this is what causes the most problems in many online store projects. 

You can’t embark on this adventure with only $500 since, in the vast majority of cases, you will spend the entire sum even before you could start generating money with your orders.

The simplest is to build a business plan lacking many e-shop projects. 

Do not hesitate to ask for quotes concerning the purchase of the products, the forecast of the sales, but more simply the set up of the website and the web marketing. 

Of course, you will be able to change when your business is going to be very good when you have a solid customer base and good profitability, you will have a more comfortable budget to hire who you want. 

But, you also shouldn’t spend a high budget.

Above all, do not spend all your savings and do not spend a budget too much on the launch of all your products, because to succeed on the internet, in addition to money, you must also invest a lot of time.

Researching, planning, operating is a long journey. After optimization, a high-budget plan is not a bad idea then.

5 – Dropshipper can take care of all things

When you start an e-commerce store, it is important that every customer feels exceptional. Customer loyalty is built, then they help to attract a new one: an effective technique, but a little too forgotten.

Do not hesitate to call your first customers after their purchase to ask them how it went and any problems encountered to resolve them for future purchases.

If you explain the situation well enough to your customer, he can perfectly adhere to your project and become one of your ambassadors.

Customer Service is really important in Drop Shipping

You can also think about how to thank your customers for their first purchase so that they can talk about your store to their loved ones. Give them gifts or coupons, it’s up to you to find the solution that’s right for you.

6 – Be a master in advertising

I can’t deny that advertising is a good way to make your products popular and easy to get income. 

But, there’ are many free ways to optimize your selling before the Advertising: viral methods, SEO, social seeding,…

Instead of using money to get the customer, you also may learn more about the above ways and proceed with it. They are also chances for you to test the products before using the money resources.

So, knowledge in Marketing is an advantage for you when planning to start your dropshipping business.


7- Giving up after the first failure

It is important not to give up as soon as you meet failure. This one is very common in dropshipping because of many aspects: market, customers, competitors, product quality,…

Learn from your mistakes if your first products did not work. Next, find the issues and you will get many experiences to optimize it or to develop your key selling point.

You do not take any chances if you pair the store with a full-time job. Many e-commerce giants have had to open many stores before finding the one that will bring them money and success.

Try more and grow your dropshipping business.

Yet these people are often trained and know all the secrets of this business. That’s why you must not give up and stay focused on your project, you will succeed if you persevere.

Opening a dropshipping website is not easy. But you will now have some keys that will help you avoid the basic mistakes. Don’t hesitate because the success is all your choices.

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